Helyx Valley

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Helyx Valley is one of the many dangerous areas in Hel. Located near the top of the Merki canyon are two mountains that sit across from one another, one bordering the cliff with a valley between them, Mount Freyr and Freyja. Together, they are called the Helyx Peaks. The valley is covered in large cracks that can range from ten to twenty feet in width. Violent helix shape tornadoes occur in this valley. Almost like spirits, they can sense a presence in their valley and will sweep whoever crosses into one of the large cracks. There is no vegetation in Helyx Valley. Due to the tornadoes, it is hard to see where to go and one could easily fall into the various cracks. On the other side of Mount Freyr is a cliff that overlooks Bloane Oasis. The fact that mount Freyr is at the canyon edge and leads into the cliff creates a constant fear of falling off for those who might traverse it.
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