Bloane Oasis

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Located on the other side of the cliff above the canyon is a lush oasis surrounded by succulents and palm trees. The palm trees tower over the are and casts shade over the cool coloured succulents to keep them from the sun’s rays. The oasis has rich minerals that the surrounding plants survive on. The oasis itself is crystal clear and sparkles in the sunlight, connected to a few of the smaller pools that exist around the main one, the entirety of these pools and the surrounding foliage make up the oasis, making a sanctuary region in comparison to the rougher territories that surround it. Although, the bottom of it seems to be extremely deep. Upon nightfall, the succulents will bloom white iridescent flowers that shine in the moon’s light. Since the bulbs of the flowers seem to not like heat much, they bloom at night when it is cooler.
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